Monday, February 14, 2011

Logo/Title Screen

Well, I've created a title screen for IAM, and I rather like it. I used the font Evanescent. Personally I'd love seeing this one whenever I start the game.

I also drew a protagonist by hand (traditional drawing is not nearly my greatest skill!). This is pretty much the appearance I'm going for; (s/h?)e doesn't look like anybody in particular. I want my character to be distinct, that's definite, but I don't want it to look like anybody too specific, again.
The character is a hard working subconscious. I'm going to try making more like these, maybe make a male and female subconscious with somewhat different attributes? One is stronger, one is faster, etc.? One belongs to a construction worker while one belongs to an artist? I'm really not sure of if I can create unique enemies for each character in the game, or even unique levels for each in that case. What I probably can do, however, is create enemies that are more vulnerable to the attacks of one player, which are pretty much representative of problems that'll strike one person harder than they'll strike another.
Another goal is to create characters that represent different feelings well, I'm still thinking about good personnifications for guilt, regret, fear, shyness, etc. Perhaps starving dogs could represent guilt? They'll follow the player around, contstantly biting, never leaving. That'd be pretty interesting.

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