In A Memory is a video game about loneliness.

purpose of this blog

The purpose of this blog is to track its development, growth, and as a place for its creator (namely Jourdan Cameron) to keep his thoughts organized!

so what kind of game is In A Memory going to be?

In A Memory (IAM) is about loneliness. The genre will be a 2D fighter initially, then hopefully an RPG.

wait, why?

The reason that the game will be a 2D fighter at first is mostly as a testing ground for graphics and sprites. It's also much easier for me seeing as I'm no real programmer, but I can make relatively decent graphics, and can probably wrap my head around using OpenBOR.

but how do you plan to make it an RPG?

Once my graphics are in place I'll try and find a programmer who can help me or a program to use.

can you tell me more?

Alright. Essentially, you play as a persons willpower, working hard within said person's subconscious to help this person be less lonely by fighting off doubts and self pity, and providing the will to keep trying to make friends.

well that's pretty cool

I agree.

can i help?

Yes you can; I'm perfectly willing to accept feedback through the comments, in addition to any artwork, music, etc., that you'd like to contribute.

any prerequisites?

You need to be willing to accept only credit; the game will be distributed free of charge. If I find some way to monetize it, i.e. advertisements of some sort, I can only provide you compensation in the form of publicity. That said, you'll want to provide simple contact information about yourself with your artwork/music/etc., such as an e-mail address. I'll credit you with your specific work.

what's it coming out for?

Good question, essentially any system that can run OpenBOR initially, then when it's time for the RPG version, I intend to make the game open source. I definitely want to see it running on the Pandora.

but will it run on my eggsbox/we/gamestation4?

Only if there's a version of OpenBOR for it. The RPG version of the game will be open source, so if you're willing to port it, then it'll probably run. That said, you also need to either hack your own console (if it locks out independent development) in order to run it, or you need to get licensing, permission, and a host of other stuff from the company that makes it, which is something of a hassle.
Then, if you intend to monetize your port, you'll need to contact me. While the game is open source, I retain the rights over the game in general, and being the creator, I see it fit that if it's being sold, I not have to be the one to allow its sale, but also to make something.