Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time to begin

Hello there, and welcome to the official IAM development blog! My name is Jourdan Cameron, and today I'll be showing off some of my artwork in addition to explaining just what IAM is.

IAM, or In A Memory, is a game idea I've had for some time now. It's going to be a game about loneliness, and combating it.

Initially, this game will be a rather simple 2D fighter, made with OpenBoR. Later, however, I intend to use the graphics from most of the game in an RPG.

The graphics are inspired by such games as A Fading Memory and Limbo, though I'm intent on having somewhat more colorful graphics. I'm currently using GIMP to create graphics, and I'm learning Blender, and I may use that to program to make objects in the game.
Here's my WIP title screen/first level. It's not nearly completed, I warn you.

I intend to create antagonists by personifying negative feelings, like doubt, shyness, fear, etc., and also by using social media giants as enemies. The reason for the creation of the latter is because to a lonely person, social networking sites can be pretty painful to use; imagine having 1,000 friends that you're pretty sure don't really like you! The irony is beyond words.
Right now I'm creating one of those enemies; I'm calling it the Facebot. It's being created, I intend to unveil it at a later date.
I still need to come up with an idea for a protagonist; said protagonist must be rather nebulous, anonymous, defying description. The reason for this is because this protagonist represents a person's subconscious will; thus, it can't look much like anybody in particular. It needs to be a silent, yet powerful force, just like electricity. We don't really know its true form, yet we depend on it every day.

By the end of at least February 2011, I want to have the Facebot, protagonist, and title screen finished. I also want to get a start on things like music, licensing (I want to use a modified Creative Commons license), and the interface.

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